Children's Care

Good dental habits that last a lifetime start in childhood, long before their first tooth makes an appearance. we love children and are passionate about instilling good healthy habits for life long oral health.

The Importance of a Pediatric Specialist!

As with many other aspects of child development and related health care, your child’s oral care should be overseen by a dental professional with the experience and training needed to properly meet the unique needs of children’s oral health. Having a Pediatric Specialist, also known as a Pedodontist, as part of your child’s dental care is vital in ensuring your child receives the specialized care required for developing teeth.

Pedodontists complete an additional two to three years of focused training dedicated to oral health and development from infancy to the teenage years. During their continued education Pedodontists are given the tools and knowledge to address multiple aspects regarding children and their physical and mental development, including:

  • Caring for children with special needs
  • Guiding dental growth and development
  • Educating to avoid future dental problems
  • Calming children when they are fearful